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January 23, 2017

The ultimate style guide for Eid

You’ve seen all the best collections on social media and probably have picked your favourites by now. In fact, your eid jora may well be on its way back from the tailor or better yet, be hanging in your closet. If new garb for Eid is not up your alley, fret not for it’s not what you wear but how you wear it – and that’s what any stylist worth their mettle will tell you. Take out that outfit lying at the back of your cupboard and update it with some sweltering summer friendly ideas.

Experimenting with silhouettes: The simple shalwar kameez is a classic but Eid calls for your best style game with whichever route one wants to take. It could be the super traditional chooridar, peshwas with khussas and bangles or the minimal monochrome with subtle accessories or somewhere in the middle with a fusion outfit. If you want to stand out with a statement look, one can’t go wrong with wearing a lightweight sari in a pastel colour to your afternoon Eid lunch. To a nighttime get together, wear a darker colour and accessorize with statement pieces.

Dupatta styling: Growing up, a lot of us teeter towards the hate side of a love/hate relationship with the dupatta. With some outfits however, only the dupatta can give a finished look but it’s easy to get tired of wearing it the same way in the neck or on the side. To give it a contemporary twist, take inspiration from Generation’s in-house styling. Grab two of your favourite dupattas and put them over your shoulders. Pick your favourite one and move one end over the front and tie it on the side. You have a dupatta that cinches your waist giving a chic, contemporary twist and a personalized addition to an otherwise traditional outfit.

Shoes: Mirror work of any kind is all the rage this season, be it in kurtas, pants and even shoes. Soma always has a great overall collection of khussas that can be delivered to your doorstep but adding mirror work really spruces up the final look of the shoe. Besides that, there are contemporary shoe options at Miaasa and Black, both of which are available online. If you like to try on a shoe before committing, our recommendations would be to drop by at Charles and Keith and/or Mango.

Mehndi: There’s nothing quite like getting into Eid mode on chaand raat with some mehndi. Instagram is inundated with #hennainspo via Dubai-based chiropractor and designer Azra Khamissa, who has made a name for herself by introducing a fresh perspective on the age-old customary form of art. Her designs are unconventional, artsy and super minimal so if that’s your style look up her designs. Another way to switch it up is to try white henna instead of the regular kind. Sara’s Henna is offering custom-made white henna cones and her Instagram page showcases a variety of intricate designs which you can pull off easily. Use Dr Azra’s designs with Sara’s henna cones and you’re good to go with a fashionable henna statement this Eid.

Accessorizing: If you’re still in the process of putting together your final look, bear in mind that monochrome looks/matching separates are still very much trending. Wearing one colour head to toe will give you that extra room to play with whilst accessorizing. Try picking out some statement buttons from Liberty, Zohra Rahman’s jellyfish jhumkas in Lahore or Haya Lutfullah’s statement gold pieces in Karachi. With a blank monochrome canvas, the sky is the limit for accessorizing. If we were to pick an accessory that stood out in 2019 though, it would have to be head accessories which were all the rage this fashion season. Headbands as a bright accessory to add the final touch to your Eid look or pretty hair clips reminiscent of the 90s –hair can also be your focal point for accessorizing.