January 26, 2020

Frieha Altaf to fundraise for child abuse this ‘Sahil Winter Bazaar’ today

Sahil Foundation is working for the protection of children against abuse and creating awareness regarding it. The organization has been working since 1996 on child protection and against child sexual abuse alongside providing free legal aid, free counseling service, and community-based child protection mechanism. Owing to this and to create the awareness of the amazing work they do, Sahil has a tradition of holding a ‘Sahil Winter Bazaar’ ever year. This time around, it is slated for 3rd February 2019 and Frieha Altaf, C.E.O of Catwalk Event Management and Productions, who is the Goodwill Ambassador of Sahil will help raise money for the cause.

Frieha will be joining the team at their festival in Islamabad and will help raise funds through the sale. The diva who has raised the bar in fashion and events industry has joined the forces with ace-designers to make this fundraiser a huge success. She will be managing the Fashion sale that includes clothing and accessories from some of the best designers and brands of the industry. All the funds will be proceeding to the cause and for the protection children against abuse.

Among the many other names that have joined forces with Frieha to fundraise for the right cause are HSY, Sana Safinaz, Nida Azwer, Misha Lakhani, Sana Maskatiya, Huma Adnan, Amir Adnan, and Haya Lutfullah. All of the mentioned brands and more have donated to the cause and to lend their support to Sahil that has actively been working against child abuse.

Frieha has successfully managed to bring the big names of the industry on-board for a cause that needs as much support as it can be given. She has actively been campaigning against child abuse for a long time and has shared her own story from time and again to raise awareness. Partnering with Sahil is another one of her efforts to help the society get rid of the menace of child abuse.

Frieha Altaf is supporting Sahil Foundation under her initiative Catwalk Cares, which is the CSR division of Catwalk that focuses on lending support to various sectors of societal improvement. News Desk