Haya Lutfullah-x-Cedar College
February 24, 2020

Cedar College x Haya Lutfullah

Corporate Workshops


If you dare to do something out of your comfort zone, if you want to learn something new, if you want to disconnect from the outside world for a couple of hours or if you sinply want to have some fun, this is exactly for you

All YOU need is, yourself. You dont need to have a creative background or any experience in the arts. All you need is to be open and willing to learn

We not only welcome people from different walks of life but wholeheartedly encourage those that dont know anything about jewellery/making to come give us a try to understand and explore the magic behind creating/making

Come along, spend an afternoon/evening at hayalutfullah studio and get busy making yourself or a loved one a ring made entirely by you from scratch!

It is one to one class, 3 hours long. Class can be split over two days or taken in one go