January 23, 2017

11 Jewelry Pieces You Need To Snag This Season

When it comes to jewelry, 2019 is all about making a statement, the more the merrier. We’ve seen girls go crazy with their chunky chain necklace, tortoiseshell earrings, big pendants, and gold hoops, But if you’re like us and want something different and straight from Paris fashion SS19 you will love these beautiful jewelry pieces we’ve assembled for you. The best part? They won’t ever go out of style.

1. Offbeat Gold leaf



Whether you opt for a delicate flower pendant or a golden leaf on your ears, this is the one trend that had us actually feeling like florals are a groundbreaking trend for summer. This gold leaf drop can change your OOTD game from zero to chic in a blink.

2. Soap Jewelry by Hayalutfullah




Now if I tell you this antique looking piece of jewelry is not a family heirloom but an earring made out of dove and pears soap, will you believe that? No right? This beautiful piece is hand made and designed by a jewelry designer Hayalutfullah.

3. Golden Cuff by Hayalutfullah

Gold cuffs

Let your inner sufi malaang out and live a little. These bold bangles will give your outfit a life. Shine and slay the street ladies!

4. Boho Fringe Earring by Offbeat:


Seems like these days everyone is taking the spare change of the world and changing it into some classy earpieces. This one comes with fringes.

5. Terra Rosa by Hayalutfullah


One look at it and I want to go to a concert and party hard while singing along everyone. This earpiece is one for you if you’re a working woman and miss your girls night out and concert! This piece right here will force you to take an off and party with your girlfriends.

6. Tulip Ring by Hayalutfullah

Tulip ring by Haya

If you’re bored with big chunky stone jewelry this one is for you, This tulip inspired ring can be the coolest replacement of your usual cocktail ring.

7. Honey Drop Earring by Offbeat


This totally eatable looking earpiece might not actually be eatable or tasty but this ear candy can make your outfit look yum.

8. “This Way” Statement Earring


Text earrings have been in fashion as long as I can remember and they are not going anywhere, they are here to stay.

9. Sunny Hoop Earring


“Pack your bag and leave for vacation”, this pair of earrings are screaming at me right now. Can you hear the voice too?

10. Zara Textured Geometric Earrings

Zara Textured

This elegant looking textured earpiece is the best and only kinda treat party you will want to give your ears.

11. Layered Necklace

Aster-Bloom-Layered Necklace

Layers and layers of neckpieces, dainty chains, and chokers styled together look very chic and this trend is in fashion for quite long. You can either wear different pieces of your choice or this Aster blook chains already put together to save your time.